Drew’s Lament

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Drew Braverman (Miles Heizer) and his supportive sister Amber (Mae Whitman) share a sad song as he suffers some heartbreak and teenage angst on NBC’s Parenthood.

Miles is playing the Tacoma Guitars Chief signified by it’s offset sound hole and unique bridge. Tacomas are part of the Fender Guitar family of instruments.

Drew / Miles is getting a little bit of criticism for the song on the interwebs saying that the song stinks, he’s a terrible songwriter and mumbles too much when he sings. (Click the photo above for the video.)

Let’s first remember that Parenthood is a TV show which contain characters written to fulfill specific roles. Drew Braverman (portrayed by Miles Heizer) is a teenage kid starting college and trying to figure himself out. You’re supposed to write bad but heartfelt breakup songs when you break up.

As a singer, I know how difficult it is to sing in front of someone, especially someone close to you. If you don’t have a lot of experience OR if you don’t have a lot of confidence (like teenagers), then you are going to be apt to mumble. I can’t tell you how many times my grandfather told me to stop mumbling when I was ‘Drew’s’ age. And now that I’m in my 40s? I don’t mumble. Thanks gramps!

Why are people criticizing the song of a character on a TV show that, in all likelihood, he didn’t even write because it’s all fiction! And even if it were REAL, would you in all seriousness intentionally damage a teenage kid’s self confidence to his face by telling him his sad breakup song sucks and he can’t sing? Who would do that in person? If that’s you, then you’re a terrible person and YOU suck.

Humidity & Your Guitar (Part 1 of 2)

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This past weekend, it actually snowed. And it’s still only October!

Since I had to actually turn on the heat for the first time this season, I thought I’d share this 2-part video that covers humidity, temperature and caring for your guitar in the winter.

In Part 1 below, I talk about temperature, humidity and things to consider when storing your guitar during the winter months.

In Part 2 next week, I show you how to save some money and make your own home-made guitar case humidifier for practically nothing!

One thing I don’t mention in the video is that I’m among those who prefer humidifiers that don’t go inside the guitar. When used properly, these products are safe, but some just prefer not to risk it. The humidifiers that I will show you to make next week can be placed inside the head-stock area. They work just as well, and there’s risk of water leakage inside your guitar.

5th Grade Sound Demonstration Day

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Magnolia Guitar Sound Lesson Sample

Sample of the Acoustic Guitar Sound Lesson I prepared for 5th Grade Science (click to enlarge)

I’m honored to have been invited to give a presentation to all of the 5th grade classes of Taylor Elementary School on Tuesday, February 8, 2011.

Since they were already learning about sound, I designed my lesson around the history and science behind the acoustic guitar. It ran between 30-40 minutes and covered construction, origins, science, math and lots of laughs!

You can see an example of one of the slides I brought with me to demonstrate how luthiers figured out where to place the frets and why they’re spaced out the way they are. It’s quite fascinating, actually.

All the kids were super excited, well behaved and had all the answers to my questions and even had some good questions themselves. There are lot of musicians in the making at Taylor and maybe even a few future luthiers!

I love nothing more than supporting both science AND music at the same time. Many thanks to the teachers and students at Taylor for letting me a part of their day!

If you’d like me to present at your school, free of charge, please contact me.

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