“Magnolia Guitar’s SIX for SIX sounds like a great way to spread [the] guitar to underprivileged kids.” – Gary Marcus, author of Guitar Zero: The New Musician and the Science of Learning

Embracing Change
“Daniel definitely has a career doing motivational work, whether in person or digitally. At different jobs I had to sit through seminars on dealing with the subject of change. [In his farewell video] I think he caught, in a down-to-earth and positive way, what it took (probably highly-paid) people to blab about for long days of meetings and discussions. I want to say it’s been a pleasure and a privilege making music in your company.” – Carl

Time & Talent
“Thanks for being so incredibly generous with your time and talent. We’ll miss the guitar workshop and the community you grew around it.” – Scott D.

Not a Bad Thing
“I just want you to know how much I appreciate the opportunities you created with The Musicians Workshop, both to create music and to make connections. I always felt welcomed and encouraged. You created a genuinely good thing and I admire you for it.” – Chris D.

We Are The Champions
“You’ve been such a great champion of the singer-songwriter scene. Your work has inspired a great deal in all of us and it has helped me to take on new challenges and has helped my passion grow even more. You’re a true talent in many ways.” – Chris B.

One of a Kind
“What you do [at The Musicians Workshop], the venue you so generously provide for aspiring musicians to try out their songs, overcome stage fright, and savor other artists’ music is something not to be taken for granted. Frankly I’ve lived in many different places and your offering was one of a kind. Thanks for what you do. All the best!” – Dennis T.

Music Makes a Difference
“I played yesterday for patients at the Baltimore V.A. Hospital as part of Musicians on Call, an organization that brings live music to the bedsides of hospital patients. While doing a rendition of [friend & fellow singer-songwriter] Dan Magnolia’s beautiful song “The Longing” for an elderly vet, he burst into tears. Afterward he told me he was crying because he was so moved by how pretty the song was. As songwriters we often wonder if what we’re doing makes any difference. To Dan, and to anyone who makes music, you may not always know it, but you make the world a better place. – Mike P. Ryan, singer-songwriter, MikePRyanMusic.com

Support & Encouragement
You’ve been an amazing teacher and I appreciate all the support and encouragement along the way, thank you! – Jessica M.

So Much Fun
“I had SOOOOO much fun Friday night [at The Musicians Workshop Showcase]… I’ve played in public before, but after stopping to think about it, I haven’t done it for about 25-30 years! I’m very glad I found The Musician’s Workshop. AWESOME!” – Linda H.

Guitar Skills
“Fantastic place to get your guitar skills together! Dan is a friendly, knowledgeable instructor who can get you where you want to go.” – Paul Pieper, owner of The Jazz Workshop

Great Setups = Happy Players
“I’m very happy with the setup you did for my [Fender American Standard Stratocaster], it sounds and feel so great now, you really did a great job!” – Antonio S.

Auld Lang Syne
“Thank you for your great instruction this year! You are an awesome guitar player and instructor! I have learned so much from you this year–more than you know! Thank you for your patience, your encouragement, and your faith in me. For a long time, I doubted my abilities, but now I play with confidence and get a great joy out of playing–even when I mess up! (Woo-hoo!) It’s amazing for me to watch my hands and fingers respond the way they should after training the muscles as you taught. I really look forward to more instruction, theory [and] testing (always a surprise and fun!). I love the challenge–and the mastery.” – Karen P.

Good Coach
“Thanks again for helping me find that D# [in the song My Father’s Father by The Civil Wars] last night. It’s made finding that note [vocally] easy and I’m excited to play it. You’re a good teacher and coach. Looking forward to more collaboration.” – Chris B.

Like a Dream
“[Daniel] set up my guitars and now each one plays like a dream!” – Rob Higgs from the band Addieville

Can’t Win ’em All?!
“You’re a Turd of Misery… Thank goodness you have a sense of humor! ;-)” – Kelly E.

A great start down the long path to guitar mastery!
“I received a 4 pack of lessons at Magnolia as a gift. My first lesson Dan took some extra time to get to know me, what I knew about guitar, the type of music I liked, and what my goals were. At the time, I had been “practicing” here and there for some time, but with little progress. In the first lesson, Daniel showed me why I wasn’t getting anywhere, and taught me to decompose my practice into bite-sized chunks that could be perfected. 8 lessons later (I bought 4 more) and I’ve got several songs and riffs under my belt, and have learned many of the basics of music. More importantly, I feel confident that I now know how to practice and make meaningful progress, and that the guitar can truly be a lifelong hobby and passion.” – Jason S.

You Really Like Me!
“So I recently played Dan Magnolia’s song ‘The Longing’ at an event and one of the little girls who is maybe 5-years old walks up and says ‘I like that song.’ I told her I would tell my friend Dan since he wrote it. She replies, ‘I like Dan’s song.’ Too cute.” – Mike P. Ryan, singer-songwriter

Gone But Not Forgotten
“Thanks for everything. You’ll always be my favorite guitar teacher in the whole world. I’ll miss you a lot when [we’ve moved]. I really appreciate all you have taught me over the months. It’s sad that this is the last time I’ll ever see you again. You’re truly are an irreplaceable teacher.” – Tristan B.

Beams of Enthusiasm
“My daughter came home from her first lesson just beaming. She was so excited and it was great to see her have enthusiasm for music again.” – Liz M.

Better Than Ever
“Dan is the best. In addition to being a generous supporter of the local music scene, he is a very talented luthier, and his prices are very fair. I brought in my electric to have the nut and bridge replaced. I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted but he listened carefully and made knowledgeable recommendations. He kept me informed via email throughout the process–how long it would take to get the parts, how well the installations were coming along, when I should expect it to be finished, etc. Got the guitar home and it sounds better than ever. I will be taking all my guitars to him in the future.” – Robert H.

Basics and Beyond
“I’ve been one of Dan’s students for a little over a year. I recommend him highly. He’s patient and knowledgeable. He’s very good at breaking songs/lessons into manageable parts. At the same time he makes sure you understand the basics and how those basics translate into a song. He tailors lessons into the style of music you want to learn. Very good at offering encouragement but also good at helping you understand where you need to improve.” – Kevin K.

Best Kept Secret
“[Daniel is] an amazing guitar player and teacher, and one of Virginia’s ‘Best Kept Secrets’.” – Karen P.

Fundamentally Profound Change
“A quick thank you for a GREAT practice lesson … it really fundamentally changed the way I’ve been approaching many things — and profoundly for the better.” – Lawrence M.

Serious Fun
“In a word, Dan at Magnolia Guitar is awesome. I found him on Yelp, checked out his Facebook page and websites, and felt like he might be the person I’d want to learn guitar from. I went in for my first lesson last week and ended up booking a set of 4 more. The studio in Arlington is easily accessible and cozy; and Dan is kind, funny and has some serious guitar skills and knowledge. But more importantly as a teacher, he is really patient and focused on not only making sure I learn songs (the fun stuff) but that I’m also developing strong technique. Since our first lesson, I already feel confident enough to venture to learn some extra chords and simple songs on my own. Can’t wait to start impressing friends! Thanks, Dan! Looking forward to more lessons!” – Yvonne W.

More Than Just Tabs
“Dan is a great guitar teacher. He is always well prepared for each lesson and customizes them to your interests and style. He takes what you want to learn and helps to form it into a reality. He is knowledgeable about music theory and incorporates it into his lessons, so it’s more than just learning how to read tabs. His knowledge of the musical industry is very helpful for those of us who have eclectic tastes. Dan is also easy to communicate with and easy to reach in one communication form or another. His lesson rates are very competitive, and his payment methods make it easy! If you are looking for a guitar (or bass) teacher in the DC metro area, I would definitely recommend him to you!” – Lacy M.

The Sound of Science
“Dan visited my fifth grade science students and gave an informative presentation combining the science and history of the guitar. The subject matter was engaging, and the visit was a big hit with the kids. His presentation combining the science and history of the guitar was informative. The kids were engaged, asked questions and received helpful answers. He presented the information in a way that was intelligent and at the right level for the kids. They were thrilled to be able to apply some of their knowledge of the science of sound by trying out some of the various instruments he brought.” – Mary R.

What Are You Waiting For?
“If you live in the DC / NoVA area and are thinking about guitar lessons (for yourself, your kid, whatever) go to Magnolia Guitar. If you take 6 lessons they will donate a guitar to an underprivileged kid [see Six for Six]. What are you waiting for?” – Rob H.

Doing Good with Guitars
“Hey guys check out Magnolia Guitar!! He does some great things in the Arlington/DC area!!!! Plus he plays Larrivee Guitars!” – Brian Pearson, Southern Guitars

“This guy is doing good things with his ‘Six for Six’ program.” – Mark M.

Change the World through the Rhythm of Six
Music is the universal language of the soul. With the strum of each guitar string, you can change the world. To accomplished guitarist and tutor Daniel, you can touch and change lives one child at a time through his Six for Six Initiative.

“I get to do what I love. I play music and sing songs for a living. And I know that I’m very fortunate that even in the current economy, my students put the value of music high on their priorities list. Because of that gratitude, I feel a strong commitment to my community to pay it forward and seize this opportunity for myself, my students and for the kids who might not otherwise know the joy of performing music.”

The Six for Six Initiative aims to donate a new six-string guitar to an underprivileged child for every six private guitar lessons from Daniel.

“You’ll be taking lessons and giving lessons at the same time…Give and take. Six for six.”

Do the initiative and make an altruistic act while you learn to play guitar songs. Pay it forward, times six. – Ashley B., Thumbtack.com

Reviews for The Musicians Workshop

“Thank you for creating this opportunity. Even though I came late to [The Musicians Workshop], it was quite helpful to have made a couple of sessions. And I feel encouraged by the shared talent and especially by your generosity of spirit which set a wonderful tone. God bless you and your family as you grow. Godwilling, see you down the road.” – Telfair

“Congratulations to you and thanks for leading The Musicians Workshop. I do appreciate the help, I just finished playing my second open mic in Greenbelt MD at the New Deal Cafe. So The Workshop really served its purpose for me.” – Frank M.

“I have enjoyed your low key approach and the opportunities to meet other musicians in the area… not just the budding musicians, but some established ones. Good memories. Thanks again.” – Ken C.

“I only came by on one Sunday a while back and was really impressed with your efforts. It is a great way to share everyone’s love for music.” – Bill F.

“The Workshop and Guitar Pull are good forums for playing songs I’ve written. Most of the opportunities I get to play out, either there are tons of people and it doesn’t seem like anyone is really listening to the words, or I’m jamming with a small number of musicians and everyone is waiting for the words to be done so they can solo. The atmosphere at The Workshop and Guitar Pull is supportive and respectful.” – Carl

“Always a talented and supportive crowd. Dan has done a terrific job setting the tone, providing encouragement and feedback to new and experienced musicians.” — Rachelle

“Excellent group. Well organized event and safe welcoming space. Good learning and practice experience.” — Frank M.

“Everything I hoped it would be.” — Telfair

“Terrific group. A real motivator. Thanks, Dan, for organizing. See you at future workshops.” — Marc S.

“Awesome!” — Lindsey

“Fun, instructive, entertaining and inspiring.” — Jocelyn

“It is always fun to meet folks and see them share their talents.” — Mike R.

“A great opportunity.”— Shelley

“Another great time, trading ideas with other players and singers. Thanks!” – Michael S.

“The meetup was a great time. Big thanks to Dan for putting it together and hosting it at his shop. The players were all a lot of fun and everyone was super supportive and kind. It’s also great to be in such an intimate setting where everyone can get feedback on their performances and help each other out. If you’re new to playing in front of people or an old pro who wants to test out a work-in-progress this is the place to go.” — Robert H.

“This was my first meet up with the group. I was a bit nervous- especially given the incredible talent of those involved… it was humbling… but everyone was so supportive and encouraging. It was just what I needed! Thanks to the group! I think I have said it all already – great people – great group” — Lynda R.

“I really like this group! I feel like the leadership of it is really well-organized and accepting and inclusive…and that’s awesome! I’m definitely planning to attend more events…the people at it were just good peeps. ;-)” — Amber D.

“Obviously I was nervous playing in front of everyone, which is why I joined this group. But everyone was nice and Dan and others had some great advice about performing live. It was a great experience.” — Paul

“For me it was a 5. Nice people, good, constructive format. Thank you for providing a venue for an ‘old newbie’ like me! Looking forward to the next one! Awesome. Come on down…” — Tom N.

“Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to be there but for 1/2 of the time, but I think this group is going to be a great forum for sharing music, testing out new techniques and styles, honing performance skills, and in general meeting new people who are also interested in learning to play in front of others. A key thing to me is how laid-back everyone was. Everyone was very supportive, no matter how ‘novice’ some of us were in our performing skills (would include myself in that group). Great group. Hope it continues and grows to be a regular event.” — Eva


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